It so happened that in August 1987, during the shri Krishna Puja at Bombay, Shri A.M.Pradhan made a suggestion to the collectivity in Bombay to establish a youth organization in order to channelize their energies and enthusiasm in a useful systematic manner. It was widely welcomed and it was decided to seek SHRI MATAJI's permission and blessings for the novel venture. A few days later SHRI MATAJI was in Bombay and on her way to pune in the train, this topic was introduced to HER HOLINESS SHRI MATAJI. SHRI MATAJI was extremely happy and immediately gave all her blessings and christened this organization "NIRMAL SHAKTI YUVA SANGHA" Nirmal means Pure, Shakti means Energy, Yuva means Young Boys and Girls, and Sangha means Union(NSYS).

During the entire course of journey to pune, for about two to three hours, SHE gave the guidelines on which the development and growth of Yuva Shakti and the individuals who are its constituents, was to take place. It was observed at that time that as boys and girls differ in socio-economic strata, some of them are not fortune enough to get the much needed guidance at that age from their parents. Therefore in Sahaja Yoga it was proposed to present an opportunity to them to overcome these lacunae through the formation of NSYS. Therefore the emphasis according to HER was to be on the development of the personality in order to make it much more complete so that such developed individuals would prove to be great assets to Sahaja Yoga for its propagation and serve as shining ideals for others to emulate and drive inspiration from.



               To focus for the development of yuvas during 2016 to 2019